How it works?

Ultimate Fitness Membership Card

Get the membership card

Go and pickup Your gym membership card form Your employer. All card are named cards and need to be used by named person.

Ultimate Fitness Membership CardChoose Your Facility

Make a good use of Your new gym membership card and choose Your sport and facility from all the fitness centres that signed up with FitFleet

Ultimate Fitness Membership Card

Show up at the spot

Remember to take Your gym membership card with You and any ID document. They will be needed to verify Your identity and help You out.


Ultimate Fitness Membership Card

Choose from a variety of available activities

Access all sort of different activities that are available in Ireland and do more than a regular gym membership card can offer You

Ultimate Fitness Membership Card

Wide variety of sport facilities to use

Every gym membership card holder has an access to a wide variety of sport activities and facilities in whole ireland to use

Ultimate Fitness Membership Card

Workout whenever and wherever You want

FitFleet gives You all the freedom You want You will never be stuck at a place You do not like anymore

Ultimate Fitness Membership Card

Healthy body healthy mind

Be more productive and happy – gym membership card offers You the opportunity to stay healthy

Type of Activities

  • Ultimate Gym Membership Card


  • Ultimate Sauna Membership Card


  • Ultimate Fitness Membership Card


  • Ultimate Swimming Pool Membership Card


Frequently Asked Questions

The FitFleet service is designed to be used by Companies that employ at least 10 employees. We do not have an individual retail service and we do not offer service to individuals. The cost of the service is highly related to number of employees that are signed in and how the service is being financed. If You wish to enroll Your Company to be able to use FitFleet service, You can use this form or call us on (089)2496351

FitFleet service is design for Companies only. We do not offer retail version of Our service for individuals. There is also no way to pay for the gym membership card by an individual without Company participation.

The FitFleet Card is active from the moment You will receive it. There is no need to activate it unless it has not been paid by Your employer.

No You can not. Each Card is a personal one and there is no possiblity to borrow or sell the card to other individual. If You wish to transfer the card to Your colleague or let him use the FitFleet service please contact Your HR department.

Yes You can. Please contact Your HR department and inform them about Your wish to cancel the membership.

In such cases please contact us as soon as possible on (089)2496351

You need to remember that If You want to use the FitFleet Gym Membership Card, Your identity needs to be confirmed at Fitness Facility You have selected to go to. The ID document need to prove Your name and surname and it can be any document issued by a trust organisation like government or financial institution.  Such a document should have Your name and surname displayed together with a photo. Documents that are approved are ID, PPS Card, PPSE card, passport, GNIB card and driver license.

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Ultimate Fitness Membership Card



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