Reasons why You should join

Corporate Benefit in Kind Scheme

Use FitFleet Service as a part of Your benefit in kind scheme. In the fast pace workforce market companies need to attract employees smarter. Stand out from the crowd and offer your employees healthy life and wellbeing.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind

Numerous of studies shown that only 150 minutes of workout a week will decrease probability of having and infection by 54% and the long term productivity boosts by 30%

Employees Rate High Satisfaction

All over the world Our users are rating Us with positive feedback in 96% of times. Become the part of this and give Your employees high quality service and long term benefits

Benefits for Employees

Choose from a variety of available activities

Access all sort of different activities that are available in Ireland and do more than a regular subscription can offer You

Wide variety of sport facilities to use

Every card holder has an access to a wide variety of sport activities and facilities in whole ireland to use

Workout whenever and wherever You want

FitFleet gives You all the freedom You want You will never be stuck at a place You do not like anymore

Healthy body healthy mind

Be more productive and happy FitFleet card offers You the opportunity to stay healthy

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