Reasons to Join FitFleet

Access to a new group of business clients

The original FitFleet programmes are used by more than 10,000 companies  and institutions throughout Poland. The high quality of services provided, along with our innovative solutions and sensitivity to market needs, the numbers are constantly growing

Non Dues Revenue Stream

Increase Your monthly revenue by implementing new non dues revenue offered by FitFleet. Get access to thousands of new customers that You have never had access to. We market and attract on your behalf – You do not have to worry about anything.

We have simple and clear-cut rules for cooperation, with no hidden costs

Our unrivalled business experience in conjuction with our transparent policies, which are applied to all operations executed by FitFleet, means that for many years now we have enjoyed a reputation of being a trusted partner focused on the joint success of all parties concerned


Every visit is a paid visit

In FitFleet we believe that every high quality service needs to be paid regardless if this is the first or last visit. This is why every member visit to Your facility will generate revenue for You

FitFleet takes care of sales and marketing

We take care of all sales and members acquisition process together with marketing efforts. This is why You will gain new clients without spending a cent. We will streamline clients to Your doorsteps

A way to make even more profit 

Take advantage of this opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell with Your new client base. Membership income is just a fraction of what You can earn by communicating with Your clients. Offer products and other services to leverage the acquisition of new users

Focus on what matters the most

Because we take care of sales and marketing driving You new clients You can focus on what matters the most. Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction. Two most important factors in business nowadays

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